What is Multi-Model Serving and how does it transform ML deployment?

About this webinar

Seldon’s Multi-Model Serving is a game-changer in MLOps, enabling organisations to scale the deployment of models while keeping a minimal infrastructure footprint. Join our interactive session to understand how it works.

Join us in this session as we dive into the exciting world of Multi-Model Serving with members of the Seldon technical team. Discover how this technology can transform MLOps for organizations, leading to substantial cost and energy savings. Our experts will discuss the technical limitations of single-model serving and the impact it will have over time.

Clive Cox, CTO of Seldon, will then provide insights on how multi-model serving is implemented, followed by a discussion on real-world use cases with our Solutions Engineering team. Get a firsthand look at how our customers are utilizing MMS and how it directly meets their needs and enhances their use of our technology.

We’ll round off the hour with a hands-on demonstration of how Multi-Model Serving works in Seldon’s UI as well as short Q&A session. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the experts and take your understanding of Multi-Model Serving to the next level!


Clive Cox


What you'll learn

  • Why is Multi-Model serving such a game changer for model deployment?
  • How is MMS implemented in the Seldon platform?
  • How does MMS maximise ROI and enable energy savings?
  • How to deploy models in Seldon with MMS

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