Seldon hires new Head of Developer Relations to become the company’s Developer Evangelist

Seldon is excited to announce the appointment of Edmund Shee as the company’s new Head of Developer Relations. Ed will be responsible for leading engagement within the Seldon community, while also being the voice of the developers using the product suite. A University of Bristol alumnus, Ed joins the Seldon team with extensive experience in the technology sector, having started his career at IBM in 2012. In hiring an expert in developer advocacy, the team at Seldon want to enhance the experience of the community and grow awareness of techniques and benefits of MLOps practices, all of which Ed will be instrumental in achieving. 

In his previous role at IBM, Ed worked across software development, open source, cloud, DevOps and machine learning teams before becoming Leader of Developer Advocacy for UK & Ireland early last year. This position saw Ed manage a multi-disciplinary team of eight developer advocates and work closely with the developer community to help improve IBM’s products and services.

As Seldon’s developer evangelist, Ed will lead on raising awareness of Seldon’s offering, while overseeing community outreach. The open source community is at the heart of Seldon, and Ed will be the eyes and ears of this group to help optimise Seldon’s product suite. Ed will also work to ensure Seldon continues to produce first-class documentation and excellent on-demand support. He will support the product messaging and evangelism spearheaded by Seldon’s newly appointed VP of Product Management, Tanu Chellam.

Ed’s initial priorities will include unifying documentation experience so that it’s easier for developers to get to grips with Seldon’s products more quickly. Ed will also enhance the developer experience to ensure that Seldon is providing the right support for the open source community when required.

Commenting on his new role, Edmund Shee, Head of Developer Relations, said: “At Seldon, I’m surrounded by a group of exceptionally talented individuals working at the forefront of machine learning, and I’m excited to help the company grow over the next period. This is a great opportunity to work closely with the developer community to evolve Seldon’s technology and increase uptake across a number of industries. Seldon’s products fill a real gap in the market and there is so much potential ahead for the business. I’m honoured to be joining the company at such an exciting time and look forward to expanding our developer relations strategy and becoming the voice of developers using Seldon across the world.”

Ed’s remit will also include content creation for both promotional and education purposes to drive more uptake of Seldon’s machine learning open source libraries such as Alibi Detect, Tempo Server, and Alibi Explain. Ed is also looking to grow an MLOps community in both London and across the UK and grow awareness in the data science community, with the long-term goal of running a conference around production ML. 

Commenting on the new appointment, Alex Housley, CEO and Founder of Seldon, added: 

“I’m delighted to welcome Edmund to the Seldon team. He brings over nine years of experience working in technology, leading developer advocacy teams and is passionate about educating the wider community on the benefits of machine learning. Ed encourages conversation and feedback amongst technology professionals and will ensure that our product suite is the best that it can be. As the needs of developers evolve, Ed will be instrumental in ensuring that our products meet the needs of the community and I have no doubt that he will have a lasting impact on Seldon and within the wider developer community.”