Seldon partners with advanced analytics company Data Reply to support MLOps deployment

Seldon is delighted to announce a partnership with Data Reply GmbH, the German consultancy that specialises in Data-Driven Solutions and ML Applications. 

Data Reply supports companies in designing, implementing and scaling data products to the enterprise level. Alongside helping companies develop Data-Analytics Platforms, Machine-Learning Solutions and Streaming Applications, Data Reply also helps them to realise the full value of these technologies via specialised training. 

In partnering with Data Reply, Seldon’s full suite of market-leading technology is now at the fingertips of Data Reply’s customers, such as BMW (as explained in this case study). Seldon’s technology enables companies to dramatically cut their machine learning deployment time to market and  also improves collaboration between data scientists and DevOps teams, while improving machine learning’s compliance with ethical and regulatory standards.

The future of machine learning workflows lies in taking full advantage of modern trends in software engineering: moving towards Infrastructure as Code, adopting Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment paradigms, containerising applications, and automating to allow for scalability. Seldon’s technology can play an essential part in helping customers move towards these paradigms, through allowing the rapid deployment of machine learning models on Kubernetes.

With proven results across automotive, pharma and a number of industry verticals that are looking to develop viable long-term machine learning workflows, Seldon’s adaptable technology will prove invaluable to the wide variety of current and future Data Reply clients. 

“We’re very pleased to partner with Data Reply,” says Alex Housley, CEO and founder of Seldon. “Despite all the progress made in machine learning, only one in ten models actually make it to production and almost half of those take over six months of work to get there. Since 2018, Seldon’s technology has been at the forefront of expediting and improving machine learning deployment, having attracted over five million installs. We’re excited to put it in the hands of Data Reply’s customers.”

“To make machine learning a core part of their business, companies need to encourage collaboration between their DevOps engineers and data scientists,” says Artyom Topchyan, Associate Partner at Data Reply. “We’re delighted to partner with Seldon, provide our customers with access to its state-of-the-art technology, and clear insights as to how machine learning is implemented at an enterprise level across various business areas.”

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