Seldon wins the Trust and Truth Award at the E&T Innovation Awards 2021

On November 30th, the team won the Trust and Truth Award at this year’s E&T Innovation Awards 2021. The award was for Alibi, Seldon’s open source Python library which helps explain the predictions of machine learning models, and accurately gauge the confidence of those predictions. We were joined on the list of winners by an impressive roster of companies from a variety of industries. The team was also shortlisted for the Future Unicorn Award, which shines a spotlight on the startups that have the potential to be Britain’s next tech giant. 

About the awards

The E&T Innovation Awards are hosted by The Institution of Engineering and Technology and give global recognition to individuals and organisations creating innovative and creative solutions. These solutions must demonstrate they are delivering a return: either in sentiment, sales, engagement, behaviour, or actions that meet the businesses objectives. 

With the Trust and Truth award having been created as a new category for 2021, the judges were looking for projects and organisations that recognise the potential social and human challenges caused by advanced technology and negate these problems with transparent and honest communication. 

How we won 

In choosing us as the winner of the Truth and Trust Award, the judges commended Alibi’s success in detecting the potential problems that can arise with artificial intelligence when deploying machine learning models. Tim Fryer, Technology Editor at E&T commented “Alibi is addressing a problem that has been widely articulated but is not yet fully resolved.” 

Seldon Alibi is an open-source Python library designed to help explain the predictions of machine learning models and gauge the confidence of those predictions. Alibi helps monitor the performance of models with respect to concept drift and algorithmic bias, ensuring decisions are accurate and ethical. Using Seldon Alibi (included in Seldon Deploy and Core), business executives with minimal coding expertise can now understand the decision-making process of highly complex machine learning models.

This win at the E&T Innovation Awards is a testament to our ongoing mission to ensure that the use of artificial intelligence is ethical and used as a force for good. Thank you to the judges who voted for Alibi and the team’s continuous hard work in shaping the future of MLOps. 

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