Seldon for the Healthcare Industry

As healthcare data volume increases, the use of data-centric AI is crucial to effectively speed up time-to-value, improve model accuracy, and accelerate model performance.

Create a faster and more efficient
digitized healthcare system


With the help of Seldon, healthcare organizations can improve the efficiency and accuracy of their predictive models, leading to better patient outcomes and cost savings. By implementing a robust MLOps strategy, such as continuous integration and delivery, the healthcare industry can stay at the forefront of data-driven decision-making and improve patient care.

Seldon is the Healthcare Industry leaders' choice

Why use Seldon in the Healthcare industry?

  • Enhanced patient health outcomes through data analysis
  • Increased efficiency and reduced costs with automation
  • Improved compliance through structured process

Take back control of your time

The AI in healthcare market is increasing at a growth rate of 37 percent from 2022 to 2030. The technology has the potential to lead to more accurate diagnoses, better care, and less time spent by healthcare professionals on administrative tasks which in turn enables more time spent on interacting and treating patients.”

Improve Patient Outcomes

Analyze vast amounts of medical data to identify patterns that may go unnoticed by healthcare professionals. Achieve earlier and more accurate diagnoses, so you can determine the best course of action for each patient. As a result, quality of life is improved for both patients and HCPs. 

Optimize Clinical Workflows

Improve overall cost efficiency by creating standardized processes that reduce errors and inconsistencies. Use algorithms to identify areas where resources are being underutilized such as unnecessary tests or procedures. Free your team’s valuable time to focus on higher-level responsibilities by automating routine tasks.   

Proactive AI Risk Management

There are several ethical and regulatory challenges with the use of artificial intelligence in healthcare. With Seldon, compliance and control is made simple with granular user management and role based access. We make it easy to assess audit trails and map out any technical functionality or governance risks.

"Seldon has made a huge difference to how we scale and deploy our inference ecosystem."

Sash Stasyk

MLOps Engineering Team Lead

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to monitor and prepare models from days to hours.

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