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Calling all software engineers – we’re hiring!

Over the last month, we’ve been working hard to shape the future of Seldon by adding to our team of world-class talent with some new strategic hires.

As we approach our next stage of growth, we’re looking to expand our growing tech team in both the UK and overseas with the addition of some new ambitious technologists, to help us evolve our products and solve even bigger challenges. 

We believe machine learning will soon be at the core of every connected business, so we’re seeking talented software engineers to drive our mission forward to deliver industry-leading machine learning deployment and continue to make our mark in the MLOps space. 

Caught your interest? Why not hear directly from our tech team who can give you an overview of what it’s like to work at Seldon.

Shaping the future of MLOps with Seldon

Clive Cox, CTO

“At Seldon, we build tools that allow companies to put machine learning models into production. This work covers the area now known as Machine Learning Operations (MLOps), which centres on helping data scientists and engineers deploy models at scale, monitor them, scale them, audit them and update them when the next improved version is ready.

“To achieve these goals, we have built our technology stack as an open core company by creating a range of industry-leading products including Seldon Core (for deploying models to Kubernetes), Alibi-Explain (to provide explanations for machine learning models), Alibi-Detect (for monitoring drift, outliers and adversarial attacks), and Seldon Deploy – our enterprise product that builds on the open source to provide the leading platform for model deployment.

“At Seldon, our engineers come from a wide range of backgrounds and work together to define the emerging field of MLOps, helping firms across the globe to make a difference with ML.”

Alejandro Saucedo, Engineering Director

“A career at Seldon distinguishes us from other companies, primarily through the principle that our work goes beyond development for internal workstreams. We are keen on augmenting our impact through various open source workstreams, several of which have led to defining open standards in the industry, such as the Model Serving Protocol Standard, the ML Prediction Schema Standard, and others.

“As the MLOps market in which Seldon operates is still relatively nascent and undefined, a lot of the existing challenges do not yet have standardised solutions. Engineering at Seldon encourages initiative towards research, experimentation, prototyping, and development from concept to production. The recent product features we have released provide great insights into the type of undefined challenges that we have developed solutions for, including the Model Serving Metadata Management Component, the Feature Distributions and Drilldown, the ML Explanations Feature, and more.

“The Open Core nature of Seldon also allows for significantly faster iteration cycles, enabling  developers to see the impact of the features and components they develop and receive feedback at early stages. This adds incredible value, especially given that as software engineering practitioners, being able to see the impact of our work is of paramount importance.

“If you’re curious as to what a career at Seldon might look like, we invite you to have a look at our various open source projects, as well as our available enterprise product documentation. Here, you’ll be able to get a sense of the day-to-day life at Seldon, simply by looking at the codebases, pull-requests and conversations – both on open issues and the community Slack.”

Meet Adrian and Ivan, from our Engineering team 

Adrian Gonzalez-Martin, Machine Learning Engineer

“Each week at Seldon is a new opportunity for personal growth. Our core focus lies on the very edge of the latest MLOps trends, therefore, we always have an endless supply of exciting challenges around the corner.  Since we’re an open source company, we’re not limited to just new technologies, as we also have the opportunity to engage with the wider community.

“While we’re growing our team, our day-to-day routine usually involves wearing a number of different hats, including tasks such as roadmap planning; brainstorming; coding; reviewing; talking with customers; researching; sharing insights; and more!

“Our tech stack is as varied in-depth as it is in breadth, requiring varied skills and leveraging either Python or Go programming language. Given our ‘cloud native’ focus, on our day-to-day, we also need to interact with Kubernetes and third party projects, like Istio, Prometheus, and more. In addition, when dealing with data science projects, we typically use a never-ending range of machine learning frameworks like Tensorflow, Scikit-Learn and MLflow. 

“The greatest part of my job is that it’s very easy to see the impact that I have on the final product. In fact, I’d say that personal initiative is very ingrained in our culture.”

Ivan Valkov, Software Engineer

“I’m part of the Deploy team where we build an enterprise solution for deploying, managing, and monitoring machine learning models based on Seldon’s open source work. I spend my days focusing on the back-end of our products, split between writing code in Go, reviewing code, and collaborating on the technical design for new features.

“What makes working at Seldon so great is that everyone is open to new ideas and we are constantly looking for ways to improve both our product and our processes. Our product is already used by many established companies, so your work has the potential to have a real impact. If you’d like to work in an environment that promotes creativity, innovation, and constant improvement, then Seldon is definitely the place for you!”

As we continue to expand our team, be sure to keep an eye on our careers page where you can browse some of the roles that are currently available below. Equally, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at [email protected].

Here are a couple of our open roles at the moment:

Software Engineer

Machine Learning Engineer

Cloud Developer 

Solutions Engineer – Central/ East Coast or TOLA

Customer Success Engineer