Seldon named a 2020 Cool Vendor by Gartner in AI Core Technologies

The Seldon team is delighted to announce that we have been named by Gartner as a Cool Vendor as part of its AI Core Technologies report, which recognises the most innovative, impactful, and intriguing start-ups providing enterprise customers with AI platforms and services.

This year, Seldon was the only organisation based in Europe to be named on the Cool Vendors in AI Core Technologies. According to Gartner’s report, Seldon’s work is particularly interesting to those AI architects who are committed to using containers and an open enterprise framework, due to Seldon’s open source roots and close affiliation with the Kubernetes ecosystem.

Seldon’s platform and cloud-agnostic approach helps organisations avoid constraining vendor lock-in and enables data scientists to use their preferred framework or language for the task at hand.

The Gartner report also highlighted how model monitoring, designed for both performance and compliance, adds value for Seldon’s open-source community and customers. This improves efficiency during the development and improves the collaboration between data scientists and DevOps engineers so they can scale-up model deployments. Monitoring the data surrounding machine learning models also allows organisations to better handle the regulatory and ethical issues that often hold up deployment pipelines through a number of techniques like audit trails, model explanations and anomaly detection.

Seldon’s ability to implement a more efficient deployment pipeline was noted in elevating the technology in comparison to other providers, with teams of ML engineers and data scientists moving their models into production up to five times faster when using Seldon’s technology. Through eliminating repetitive and low-value processes, Seldon has also helped clients save upwards of 60% on their machine learning development costs.

To learn more about how Seldon is helping enterprises make machine learning deployment efficient and reliable, read more about Seldon Deploy.

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