Seldon wins for both ‘Open Source Technology’ and ‘Explainable AI’ at CogX Innovation Awards 2020

The Seldon team is proud to announce that we’ve been recognised with two awards at this year’s CogX Festival. Seldon has been selected for both the ‘Best Innovation in Open Source Technology’ and ‘Best Innovation in Explainable AI’.

Seldon as an organisation is proudly rooted in the power of open source technology. Both Seldon Core and our Alibi machine learning libraries are open source and this community is at the heart of our success. We’ve now passed over three million installs and provided companies with productivity gains of up to 92%, so we’re glad to see our open source tools and community recognised by the industry and our peers.

We’re also pleased to see our Alibi Explain model explainability library honoured with the Best Innovation in Explainable AI award. Alibi Explain demystifies machine learning models and makes the predictions interpretable to diverse groups of stakeholders – not just data scientists – who are finally able to see inside the ‘black box’ processes of ML and deep learning projects. This makes it an essential companion to our other machine learning deployment tools – to provide explanations even while running at scale in production.

Additionally, the CogX judges shortlisted the Seldon team for three other awards: ‘Outstanding Achievement in Enterprise Adoption of AI’, ‘Best AI Product in Next-Generation Infrastructure’, and ‘Best Innovation in Algorithmic Bias Mitigation’. Congratulations to all of the award winners and nominees – proof that AI is alive and well, finding solutions to many of the world’s biggest challenges.

To learn more about how Seldon helps enterprises make machine learning deployment efficient and reliable, you can read more about Seldon Deploy on our website. The Seldon team will also be demonstrating our award-winning products and answering your questions at our virtual booth for the rest of the CogX Festival.

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