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Seldon joins the new home of fintech

Banking alone will represent one fifth of a $31 billion AI market in 2019. And the banks that are able to deploy the best machine learning models faster will win. Barclays has so much to gain from AI — it’s an organisation with vast amounts of data, high-value use cases, and strict regulatory requirements. This…

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The rapid evolution of open-source machine learning

AlphaGo wasn’t just a victory for artificial intelligence. When millions of people across the world tuned in to watch DeepMind’s machine beat the human Go world champion Lee Sedol, they also witnessed a historic victory for open-source. DeepMind used a scientific computing framework called Torch extensively in the development and execution of AlphaGo’s neural networks….

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Our first year open-sourcing machine learning

Bigger Picture On a wet and windy day in October 2014, Team Seldon was sitting on Brighton Beach, discussing the bigger picture of what we could achieve. We had come a long way over the previous three years; every month we were serving content recommendations to over a hundred million people. However, we believed that…

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